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About Cristill Rock

We make it easy for our customers to get pure water and delicious coffee.
We have one focus; make it super easy to get pure, great pure distilled and spring water. As a nice compliment to our water, we supply home and offices with Keurig coffee systems.

Although our water is consistently nationally recognized for cleanliness and purity, our customer service and distribution is what makes us tough to beat. Try us out today and see the difference in Cristill Rock.

News & Updates
April 17, 2015

Planet Pure is revolutionary and first one of its kind in today’s bottled water market. It combines exceptionally purified water by a unique six step process then re-mineralized with over 72 organic and assimilated trace minerals. These minerals are high in magnesium and are ionic plant derived. Other bottled water companies simply add inorganic bicarbonates […]

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