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We offer convenient water solutions to help you stay hydrated and healthy.

We are proud to be members of the Canadian Bottled Water Association.

Cristill Rock Pure Distilled Water

Our signature product is distilled water, which is water that is boiled into vapour and condensed back into clean, healthy water. Contaminants and chemicals are removed during distillation makes it the purest form of water available – it’s one of the industry’s purest waters with less than 2 ppm of total dissolved solids.

Planet Pure Re-Mineralized Water

Planet Pure re-mineralized water uses our pure Cristill Rock Distilled water as a base and we infuse Concentrate Trace Mineral Drops, a naturally occurring liquid trace element and food supplement. It far surpasses spring water in absorbability of minerals because they are living minerals that are bioavailable and water soluble – the only of its kind!

Labrador Spring Water

Labrador is our natural spring water that comes from natural underground source springs. Apart from advanced filtration, Labrador spring water is as close as you can get to drinking directly from the spring, stream or waterfall.

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We offer over 300 varieties of coffee pods! A great selection of ground and whole bean coffee from Java Moose. Specialty items for all your water and coffee needs, including Glengarry Maple Syrup, along with residential and commercial brewing systems.

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About Us

Cristill Rock Water & Coffee is a family run business that is dedicated to bringing signature products to their local community and beyond. From creating signature water, and distributing Labrador Springs, they offer great tasting quality, along with the necessary accessories, for all your water and coffee needs. 

Cristill Rock is a perfect example of a family business built from the ground up. Starting in their home, Christine and Rock wanted to bring cleaner water to their community of Cornwall and SD&G.

Creating their signature bottled water, Cristill Rock Distilled Water, they worked into a growing number of grocery stores, offices and homes. Since beginning their business, they have created another type of bottled water called Planet Pure re-mineralized while also becoming a distributor for Labrador Springs bottle water. 

Over 10 years ago, Christine and Rock made a bold decision to enter the coffee business with Keurig’s K-Cup brewing system. More recently, they have become a distributor for Vita Biosa.

Throughout the company’s evolution, Rock and Christine’s son Nicholas has grown up in the business. He joined Cristill Rock full time back in 2011. His vision and unrelenting work ethic have helped expand distribution and improve logistics, as well as acquire two local water companies. He has been able to fulfil the extra demands in product and distribution during COVID19 with the help of his team and his desire to carry on the high standards provided by Cristill Rock. In 2020, Christine and Rock officially passed the company to Nicholas. They are proud to see him continue to uphold and advance Cristill Rock.

Today, over 29 years later, Cristill Rock has grown their distribution to include customers west towards Prescott, north to Casselman and east into the province of Quebec.

Cristill Rock cares deeply about providing their customers with the service they deserve. Whether it is for your office or home, Cristill Rock will deliver great products at great prices and is proud to deliver to their neighbours and friends.

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Cristill Rock: Water & Coffee in Cornwall, ON (NOT Crystal Rock)