Our Waters

Cristill Rock offers a range of waters and accessories all focused on delivering high-quality, great tasting, pure water to hydrate your body and keep you and your family healthy. We started with our flagship distilled water, Cristill Rock, then added fresh spring water with our Labrador product and recently developed our latest water, Planet Pure which is purified then remineralized with plant-based minerals.

Our three waters with multiple formats gives you the selection to choose your own great tasting, healthy water for your home or office. Plus our water is backed by a great team making it simple and convenient to get and replenish your water supply as regular as you need. Take a look through our three types of water to select which one is the right fit for you.


Cristill Rock Pure Distilled Water

Our flagship product is distilled water which means it?s collected from boiling regular water to remove impurities and re-condensed into clean, healthy water. contaminants and chemicals are removed during the distillation process making it the purest form of water available. In fact, Cristill Rock is one of the industry?s purest waters with only 2 ppm of mineral content.

Planet Pure Re-Mineralized Water *NEW*

Our newest water, Planet Pure remineralized water which uses our pure Cristill Rock Distilled water as a base and we re-infuse 72 plant-based organic minerals that are essential for your bodies proper functionality in muscle development, digestion and immune system, amongst others. Planet Pure far suprpasses spring water in absorbability of minerals because they are living minerals that are bioavailable, highly absorbable and water soluble – the only one of it’s kind!

Labrador Spring Water

Labrador is our natural spring water that comes from natural underground source springs. Apart from advanced filtration, Labrador spring water is as close as you can get to drinking directly from the spring, stream or waterfall.

Whether you’re choosing distilled, infused on spring water, Cristill Rock is committed to making sure you have access to great tasting, healthy water for your home or office. It?s as easy as giving us a call to get started with your account today.

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